about us

Twins Connection is a design studio dedicated to design, develop and manufacturing sustainable products. We believe that Circular design and Upcycling must be part of the positive design cycle as it contributes to a minimize environmental impact & waste that it goes back into the soil.
Pleased to meet you!


co founder

As knitting lover, Cata brought all her passion for knitting into Twins Connection, creating our current knitwear area called ‘knitting by Cata’.
Recently she joined forces with Wool & the Gang to become their supplier in New Zealand, bringing wool made by recycled and naturals materials.


co founder

3d Prints maker, Nata loves the sounds when the 3d printer is working! She has started our décor area designing and manufacturing sustainable 3D printed products and she is the mind behind ‘Nata_3d_Creations’



Creative soul, Javi is Twins Connection’s web designer & social media star! Additionally, she brought all her talent and creativity in incorporating a new brand, called ‘Javiearrings’. Currently, she is working in an Upcycle earring collection
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